Who is the Geeky Teacher?

Hello, my name is Danielle and I am the geeky teacher. For those unaware, I have a strong love for all things geeky including comics, costuming, video gaming, con going, and D&D. Throw in some of my favorite fandoms, Dr. Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, Dystopian YA fiction, and whedonverse (I didn’t name them all to be honest,) and you have me.

But who is me? During the day I am a teacher and technology integrationist at a private school in Nashville, TN. At night I am a gamer girl and gymnast. Sometimes I watch outdated fantasy TV and sew spandex.  Sometimes I plan conventions and trips to Universal Studios while listening to various audiobooks. Sometimes I fight zombies while  ingesting unknown amounts of demon rum and screaming at the TV for unfairly placing my character in a highly inconvenient spot simply because it “has it in for me.” But then often I sit thinking about all those things while actually planning the next days social studies lesson often including bits of things I think about daily. (minus the demon rum obviously!)

Basically, I am a proud geeky educator that strives to bring my love of geekdom into my classroom. And this is what my blog is about. Mostly.



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