Rainbow Berries and wings

As an assessment on my 6th graders ability to understand what makes a civilization, I asked them to type a 2-5 page journal explaining and describing their own self created civilization. The possibilities were limitless and the only rules I had were that it had to be pre-industrial and not an actual civilization.

This of course led to a good number of superbly creative civilizations consisting of everything from tribal warlords to leprechauns. (Yes leprechauns.) But there were some that were so creative and excellently written that I had to share some snippets. Here are a few.

Also, as you read you'll notice I several fans of a certain time traveling adventurer. Clearly, some parents are doing something right!

–From a civilization of upright standing unicorns. —

“The main crop is a rainbow berry. The rainbow berry was domesticated when an elderly unicorn pooped and put a spell on it to remove all negative remains and then planted it to create our beloved rainbow berry. Rainbow berries taste like a sweet cupcake and a peach or any fruit you would ever imagine.”

“Unicorniaa was founded when the gods came together and pushed a mountain making all the horses fall into the ocean and combine with narwhals.”

–From a civilization of tiny people—

” Oh how stupid I am! I am sorry, I don’t want to scare you, but we have wings. Our wings come from the fertile soil which is what you sprinkle on the newborns.”

“In 500 BC my tribe started because of the splitting of the Vera Bradley tribe. Normally the other tribes send unicorns to bother us and eat our pigs. Trouble!” (There’s a law that states no unicorns.)

—In a civilization of North Pole elves—

“When the Elfkaban first started, the founder was Santa Claus. He was the first chief. Santa Claus got married at age 30 and had 8 children. . . Santa Claus was chief when we first domesticated animals. Our first domesticated animal was a reindeer named Rudolph who had a red nose. Our worst problem is when Rudolph’s nose is not lighting up. . . Rudolph eventually fell in love and had the other domesticated flying reindeer, Blitzen, Prancer, Dancer, Comet, Cupid, Vixin, Donner, and of course Dasher. When Rudolph’s nose isn’t shining we use his wife who was taught by Rudolph to maker her nose shine, but there is a side effect which is. . . constipation.”

— From a mermaid/merman civilization—

” The Aquatic-kinds are good for keeping peace in the oceans, without us there would be chaos in the seas. For example, there would be no fish in the reefs, the sharks would eat all of them, but we keep the sharks on a tight diet.”

“We stay away from land people because we don’t want to be hunted or put into zoos or studied in a lab. As we live now we are free to live peacefully under the sea . . . We plan to live many more hundred years keeping the ocean beautiful and peaceful.”

 –From Lunarabia—

Some rules. ” Using electronics is prohibited. No sound during silent hours from 9:00pm-8:00am. Having a pet is not allowed in purple houses. Eating vegatables is not allowed or thou shalle be banished from Lunarabia.”

“the citizens of Lunarabia are very accident prone and yell in German or Pig Latin when they are angry.”

–From an Ancient Civilization with a love for blue boxes —

“The rain floods our lake, Melody Pond, into a small river which flows into a much larger lake and invokes our traditional song and dance, The River Song.”

“The —— worship a large blue box, the Tarmi Box, which we believe fell from the sky around 8,751,240 shadow shifts ago, the time our land was founded. We believe that a greater power resides within the Tarmi Box, an apparently ageless god called DocaDona.”

“Another tradition is that one day a year our people gather on Oodalet Mountain. . . to roll about in the snow to absorb its regenerative properties.”

–From a Dystopian Civilization—

“They worship the giant blue box referenced in the flag. It is driven by a time traveler named The Doctor. They treat him like a god, showering him with gifts. They believe he will save all for many years to come.”


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