Halloween Week Day 2: “The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t”

One of my other favorite Halloween specials was

“The Halloween that Almost Wasn’t”– or — ” The Night Dracula Saved the World.”

(Apparently it had two names, depending on where in the world you watched it!)


This very short Halloween special was released in 1979 and shown on several different channels. Here is the summary from IMDB.

On Halloween night, Count Dracula summons all the classic horror monsters to demand that they either revamp themselves into the horrible, scary creatures they are supposed to be, or get out of his castle. Definite disco-culture influence here.

What basically happens is that Count Dracula brings all the classic monsters to his mansion to ridicule their new “soft” disposition. The Witch, who is tired of being seen as, well, a witch quits on Halloween. This is a TRAGIC event as should she not fly across the moon at midnight, then there can be no Halloween! OHH NOOO!! Chaos ensues, Dracula flys into windows, small children are set free on Halloween night. Of course, (SPOILER ALERT!) it all works on in the end.

So yeah it sounds utterly ridiculous now that I type it out, but I loved this special, as did my family and my husband. (We found out quickly after we got together that we grew up watching the same popular and obscure holiday specials. Weird!) It’s because of this special that I still walk around saying “teeny tiny bat,” whenever I see a fake rubber bat.

For those who haven’t had the joy of this movie, here is the entire movie on yYouTube


And for those who want a more PERMANENT edition to their Halloween special collection, here is the link to the listing on Amazon. (However, I do NOT condone paying $200 for it. THAT IS INSANE!!!) Seriously don’t. Just shop around for it, or watch the Youtube video.






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