Halloween Week Day 3: “Witch’s Night Out”


This special usually ran right after “The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t.” It was a Canadian animated special made in 1978 and revolved around a witch’s, two kids, and their babysitter. The bored witch is summoned by the two children, Small and Tender ( great names huh?) who are upset that they can’t scare anyone on Halloween. From there the witch turns the kids, and their babysitter Bazooey (the names just keep getting better!) into the monsters of their choice, a werewolf, ghost, and Frankenstein monster, so they can scare all the adults. From there the group moves to the adult Halloween party happening at the witch’s mansion (without her permission) and the adults eventually form a mob to destroy the monsters.

By the end of it all, the now not so bored witch turns everyone in the town into monsters and ghouls and a vast party ensues. The animation is juvenile and simple, the story line is ridiculous, but the song “Witch Magic” sticks in your head FOREVER!

You can buy the special on Amazon for about $6.  You can also watch the entire thing on YouTube. It’s only about 27 minutes so you can easily get your Halloween animation fix during your lunch break!


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