A very Harry Halloween

This year my husband and I decided to theme our Halloween/House Warming party. With the theme of Harry Potter, we had a blast making every room magical with a potions lab, owlery,  Honeydukes, Platform 9 3/4, an entry to the Ministry of Magic, and tons of wanted and missing signs throughout the house. The food and drink included butterbeer, fire whiskey, and chocolate frogs. Here are some pics to give you a better idea.


We also included a game of “Find the Golden Snitch” where if you found the hidden Snitch you had to take a shot, then hide it yourself. This worked out well until someone didn’t follow the rules.  (We said “hide in plain sight.” Hiding it behind the bags of candy for the trick or treaters is not in plain sight.)


All in all it was a very successful party. Around 27 people came, a lot in costume, and fun was had by all. I also had music playing outside the front door and in the Great Hall. There was SOOOO much more we had planned but didn’t get to and sadly I don’t have pictures of the chocolate frogs (which included pop rocks, caramel, and peanut butter on the inside,) or all the signs. However, I think we did a pretty bang up job. In fact, all the candles are still hanging from our entry way. (They’re great night lights!)


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