Costumes in the works

Thanks to a productive weekend of costume and prop work, I’m making a post of my newest costumes in the works. Both of these are set to premiere at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim in April. (Fingers crossed!) Barriss is my #1 priority with Hera being second.





I made this years ago, but since then it’s pretty much lost. Plus I would have grown out of it (width wise) anyways so it’s time to upgrade! The cloak is in process with the dress next. I still need to redo the belt buckle and am scared that’ll be the most difficult part :-/




Hera is from the new Star Wars Rebels cartoon which is actually really good! I already have the lekku so I’d just need to piece the rest together. As for progress on this, you heard it. I have the lekku. That…. is ….it.


I have other costumes I want to start on, but truthfully these two need to be done first. Priorities Danielle. PRIORITIES!



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