The Great Hobbit Battle of 2014!

It’s that time of year again, where the holiday movies come out and people lose their shit! It’s crazy and insane and Facebook breaks under the barrage of posts and pictures!  And at the forefront there is the new one for 2014; The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. (If you haven’t encountered this epic duel, you are in for a treat.)


The Hobbit movies seem to have two sides. One being the book lover who hates the three movies for their own reasons, and the Tolkien/Peter Jackson fans who love it for their own reasons.

Notice I included “Their own reasons” as a description for both groups?

Several of my friends (husband included) grew up with The Hobbit book and were unbelievably excited about the prospect of a Hobbit movie. Especially after the epicness that is Lord of the Rings. They watched the first movie with high anticipation and great excitement, and left disappointed and upset for various reasons. One being that they added stuffs and removed other stuffs. They made the dwarves attractive. They added a love triangle. They added characters that weren’t in the books. They. . . (Seriously I could go on for a while, but I won’t.)  The point is, I get it. I see where they’re coming from, I really do.


Then we have the other side. These are my friends who adore LOTR and Peter Jackson. These are the ones who traveled to New Zealand specifically to tour the filming locations. They have numerous costumes from the movies and various tattoos. These are the hard core fans, and they love the movies! They couldn’t care less about what was added or removed, they simply enjoyed the movie for what it was, a movie. I get it. I see where they’re coming from, I really do.


And then here is the issue. APPARENTLY only one side can be right. Either Peter Jackson did the right thing making a single children’s book into three movies (or at least if it was a bit much, it was still worth it,) or he ruined a childhood memory. There is no in-between as far as the internet is concerned. ( Of course what is on the interwebs?) So where do I stand?  Well here is my stance.

  • A 300 page children’s book made into 3 epic-length movies? Seems a bit overkill to me. 2 would have been logical to really expand on the events.
  • Saying “it’s based on the Hobbit” is liked saying the Harry Potter movies are just “based” on Harry Potter. Too iconic, the stories are too well known, and they’re rooted in childhood memories for many. Not gonna fly here. If you’re making a movie based on such an iconic and memorable book, stay mostly true to the plot please. It’s the decent thing to do, otherwise you’re messing with peoples childhoods here. Watch your step!
  • A love triangle; really? Was it necessary? Did it add to the plot at all? In truth, is there anyone out there who appreciated this?
  • The casting was spot on for the most part! (The dwarves were a little too cute for me but eh.) And it was GORGEOUS as usual!

And finally,

  • EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO HAVE THEIR OWN OPINION. I know I have some readers questioning and talking about how I’m wrong as they read this, and I’m OK with that. I know I also have others nodding their heads in agreement and I’m OK with that as well. Because you know what, they’re my opinions.
  • This is either peoples childhood or adulthood. I didn’t read the books until college and after, so I don’t have that innocent attachment to the material. Those rooted in childhood memories seem to be more upset than those who read the books at an older age. That makes sense, and we should respect their opinions on the matter.
  • Side note, The Paddington Bear movie is coming out this Christmas as well. Screw that up, and I’m on a rampage. Same for Into the Woods. Just sayin.

Whether you like the movies or hate them, let’s agree to disagree shall we? Don’t like the movies, read the book and be happy that your memories of the characters and actions remain intact and innocent.

Love the movies, awesome! Watch them over and over again and continue to get the feels when that epic battle begins and that one character breaks down. Cry tears of joy when the credits roll and hum that tune continuously for the next month.

But don’t bash those who disagree yeah? Don’t constantly debate and argue that your opinion is better than theirs. Don’t be “That guy.”




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