Way back in 1993 when I was in middle school, this amazing movie premiered called Jurassic Park. It was released in the summer before 7th grade and I became obsessed. I don’t know if it was the science, the action, or the story line, but I fell in love with Jurassic Park and all its dinosaur occupants. I saw it no less than 9 times in the theater and to this day can still quote it word for word.  It’s one of my favorite sections of  Islands of Adventure, I’ll ride the River Adventure ride continuously without a sign of boredom, and the fact that I am too big to ride the Pteranodon Flyers irks me to no end. That said, you can pretty much infer what my most anticipated summer movie is. Jurassic World. 

I won’t lie, the fact that Christ Pratt (my husbands Hollywood twin) is in it is a HUGE plus. But it’s this picture that was just released today that has me all giddy for this movie.


I mean just LOOK AT THAT! Christ Pratt next to a Raptor?! Be still my heart. Notice the big red scratch on his arm? Just adds to the sex appeal. My two favorite things in 1 picture. It really doesn’t get any better.

Unless of course, I was IN THE RAPTOR SUIT!!


Come on costuming friends! We can make this happen right?! 

So Jurassic World, I am very excited for June. VERY EXCITED. I expect a lot. Don’t make me hate you. Messy breakups are messy.



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