Today in History: Challenger Disaster

Today in History: Challenger Explodes

On this date in 1986, The space shuttle Challenger exploded. This was a huge, devastating disaster that rocked the aerospace community and America as well. It was significant in that it included the first civilian to travel in space, a high school social studies teacher named¬†Christa McAuliffe. Through a contest she won and after months of preparation and training, her ill fated trip only last 73 seconds before it came to a tragic halt in view of millions on live TV. NASA didn’t send another manned space craft into space for another 2 years.

It seems to me that people are forgetting this event. In detail anyway. They know of the Challenger exploding and they know everyone died on it, but the fine details and overall tragicness of the event are often passed over or simply mentioned quickly. Which is sad.

This morning, before our guest speakers arrived, I sat my homeroom down and had them watch the original broadcast from 1986. They calmed down and “sobered up” very quickly.

For more information on the Challenger explosion, check out History Channel’s “Today in History.”¬†Also watch the video through the link below. It’s very informative but still short.



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