An Open Letter to Smokers

Dear Smoker,

First off let me address the fact that I don’t mind that you smoke. I literally have no opinion of you in any way in regards to your personal habits. It is your right, your money, and your life. However, this apathetic feeling changes the minute you toss that cigarette out your car window. Besides it being illegal, it’s gross, inconsiderate, and just plan rude. This planet / highway / parking lot / driveway / whatever is not your personal ashtray or trash can. Do you do that with all the trash in your car? If so, that’s despicable and I now dislike you for a list of other reasons.

While I’ll admit it is possible you do this with food or drink, those are foods and drinks and 90% of them are biodegradable (not McDonalds though. That is considered trash I think.) As you are driving a vehicle capable of killing a human or animal without much work on your end, I assume you are a responsible adult over the age of 5 and therefore it is not necessary for me to reiterate that

Not everything you put in your mouth is food, and therefore should not be treated as such.

You know what the sad part is though? You could be a SAINT. I mean an honest to goodness do gooder; feed the homeless, volunteer at soup kitchens, spend all your extra cash for various charities, but as the person in the car behind you, I don’t know those details and the minute that cigarette touches the pavement, my opinion of you has been lowered.  You are no longer the philanthropical individual out to save the world; you are now one of the many humans on my list of people that I wish to find that cigarette butt, and return to your vehicle for proper disposal.

In conclusion, please don’t be “that guy.” (Or gal.) If you have to smoke in your car, throw it into a trash bag in your passenger seat. Also, don’t throw it out your window still lit. Think of all the little insects and bugs that now have to skirt around this flying, flaming projectile! Remember, not everything you put in your mouth is food. If YOU wouldn’t want to eat it, neither would the environment.


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