Desktop Dalek

A new edition I want to add to my blog, is a weekly geeky school/office accessory. This weeks, I give you the Dalek Desktop Protector!

I received this gift from a student 4 years ago while I was teaching 4th grade science. I had a habit of complaining about students touching and moving things on my desk without my permission or when I wasn’t present (the classroom was used by another teacher as well.) As a result, I received a blue Dalek desk protector for Christmas. My little buddy would plug into my laptop and loudly exclaim “EXTERMINATE!” and other such phrases whenever anyone got too close to his line of sight.

This was incredibly helpful in curbing students from looking over my shoulder at the computer screen or sneaking a piece of candy while I was up at the board. I always made sure and turned him off when I left the room, except once apparently. I came back one day to find the dalek unplugged, battery removed, and with a piece of tape over his speaker. Apparently the following teacher did not appreciate my little protector! According the the students I talked to later, she couldn’t find the switch, so she taped over the speaker. When that didn’t work, she unplugged it and removed the batteries for good measure.

Still, I trusted my little robotic alien. I recommend him πŸ™‚ You can buy him off Amazon for about $27, but only in yellow and red. :-/


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