Because Your Office / Classroom is a tundra! for

A year or so ago I ordered a pair of USB foot warmers. They are AMAZING and the fact that they are shaped like giant s’mores makes them that much cooler. These hotties plug directly into your usb port (or phone charger if applicable) and warm up your footsies in cuddly, super warm conducting wires in the soles. Be warned though, they get hot. A bit TOO hot at times actually. I tend to only wear them plugged in for a few minutes at a time.

Also, there are wires so moving around isn’t really an option. Advice: don’t wear them around just for fun. I did that 90% of the time (as they are warm even NOT plugged in) and now only one slipper heats up. Sad day :-/ However, for the price, if you find your feet getting cold while at work and your boss won’t go ballistic when he sees you wearing s’mores, narwhales, or yeti feet, it’s worth it!

Currently in stock at Thinkgeek for $24.99

The narwhale and yeti feet can be found on the site Smoko for $29.99


Also, THEY HAVE HANDWARMERS!! These I hear are awesome. There are wireless ones now shaped like toast and yeti hands. How cute?! The wireless ones come as toast. there is Tato, Butta, Ry Ry, and Crisp.


The hand warmers can be found on the awesome site Smoko, for $39.99. There are also all sorts of fun stuff on their site included a giant dinosaur head mount, heated pillows, (The fox one is ADORABLE!), a BUNNY TAIL COTTON BALL DISPENSER, and tiny little desktop gardens that use your cup or mug to grow. Seriously, how much cuteness can you cram into one site?!

Also, just a point of fact, this site is guaranteed to get you in a happy mood, just by visiting it. True story!

So in preparation for the fall and winter, keep these things in mind. I know they would make perfect gifts for loved ones, not matter their geek level! (Myself included. I will LITERALLY take anything on the Smoko site and adore it!)


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