Star Wars Reads Day: Updates and Part 2



Edited bookmarks

a few more photos of other SW things we will be doing or are currently doing in the learning commons for Star Wars Reads Day.

First we made some custom bookmarks to hand out as advertisement, as well as the practical use of holding your place in a book! The first batch (below) went so quickly, I had to make another batch where I experimented with colored paper instead of white. I think I like both equally!

Star Wars Reads Day 2015

Custom bookmarks

We also added a wall of Star Wars books as well as suggested reading. The few QR codes you see lead the students to various book and movie trailers about that book.


Our suggested reading wall

We also added a little SW fun to the book return bin!


And finally, for the biggest reveal, we 3D printed a Vader reveal bust, complete with removable dome.

Vader's 5th attempted 3D print

Vader’s 5th attempted 3D print

Finished reveal bust

Finished reveal bust

You can see a quick video of the Reveal bust here! 


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