Back to the Future Day

So this is completely late (only 1.5 months late!) but back in October, we celebrated Back to Future day in the Learning Commons.

First up is our display window. We wanted to style it after the pawn shop Marty buys the Sports Almanac from. We crammed the display with dated technology and other toys, game systems, and book from the era. (Ok so not everything in there was from the 80s. We did the best we could and to  the students, it was all old so… mission accomplished!)

The Super NES and old Mac keyboard were by far the most popular!

Next we needed to decorate both sides of the wall. The wall on the left was decorated by Melissa to resemble a quiz on 1984 technology we took online. The exact site is escaping me right now, though we did credit it on the wall, but it looked something like this one. 

Each question has a flip paper for the students and staff to read, guess, then check their answers.

We even added a few extras, just for fun!

The other wall was my literary creation. I made a timeline of various Science fiction technological predictions. They ranged from literary works to film and television, but all were researched and displayed on the wall in a timeline, from earliest to latest. My favorite part though was the addition of how long between initial prediction and actual discovery. Jules Verne, man!

These displays were up from October 19th until this last Monday, the 30th of November, and students were STILL gawking at the display case, taking the quiz and looking at the timeline.

In addition to the walls and display case, we also dressed in costume and Dee edited clips of the movie to play on repeat on the screen behind the circulation desk. Book about time travel were displayed throughout the Learning Commons as well.


So, if you’ve ever wondered  just how much you can bring geekdom into a classroom or school, it can be done with a little innovation and creativity. And it may also allow you to wear a Jaws 19 shirt decorated with puffy paint!


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