FETC 2016

Today was my first day at the FETC conference in Orlando. It was very informative and I met a ton of interesting and helpful educators, integrationist, and media specialist. I also presented a poster session this evening on TableTop Game Based Learning and for my first poster presentation, I believe it went well!

A few things I learned today… (Most of these are just fun things, the more educational things things will be in a post after the conference.)

  1. There’s a $5000 Samsung Smart Refrigerator that knows when you need to get milk, how long your groceries will last, and basically anything else you need to know about your fridge. It also takes pictures of the inside so you can upload it while grocery shopping. Kind of the lazy persons refrigerator.
  2. There’s a coding app called Tickle that works with the Sphero BB-8. SWEET!
  3. There’s a gaming convention in Orlando called “Dice Tower Con.” I need to go!
  4.  (And this is the coolest,) APPARENTLY THIS BLOG HAS BEEN VIEWED IN CANADA! (Hello Canada!) Check it out. I’m international. Woot woot!

I had several people ask for the keynote presentation of my poster session so I’ll be adding it to the blog when I have a better internet connection. For now, here is link to my gaming website that includes all the games I presented today as well as several others. (Keep in mind this site is a WIP. There’s a lot of work left to do on it.)

Gaming in the Classroom

Tomorrow is another exciting day of Educational Technology Conferencing! IMG_5959 2.JPG


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