7th and 8th Grade Escape Game, Track 2

In my last post I discussed how we created an escape game for the 7th and 8th graders right before Spring Break. (You can check out the post HERE)

We divided the students into three skill levels, or tracks. This is the medium level’s escape game.

As with the easy level, the medium level group started with a math problem.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.08.06 AM

Answer is 209 

The answer, 209, led the students to room 209 which would be their base of operations throughout the game. There they found the second clue.

Inside the correct envelope was their third clue, which lead to the laser maze. (Both fake envelopes has a message saying “Try again.” )There were also 3 playing cards in the envelope; 6,7, and 8.

Starting with this group, we made the maze clues more like actual coding instruction.

The playing cards were the number code for the lockbox. (678.) In the box was the North Star clue and the key to the treasure chest which they’d find later.IMG_6537

On the page about the North Star Polaris (pg. 20), they found a post it note with coordinates 22N, 80W written on it. This led them to the map on the wall.

This proved to be the most difficult clue for the Jolly Roger group. Finding the Caribbean was easy enough, but picking out the specific country was hard. Figuring out what to scan was also difficult. Many kept trying to scan the country itself, not realizing it was the country’s flag that was the Aurasma piece that needed to be scanned. (Many many hint cards were used for this clue!)

When they scanned the correct flag, they got a poem leading them to their final clue.

One fish, two fish, Red fish, blue fish

One leg, two legs, Peg leg, bone legs

This directed them to the Dr. Seuss section where the treasure was ultimately hidden.

I think it’s fair to say that while it might not have been the easiest track, it was the quickest for them to solve. Every group found their treasure with time to spare. Next time, I think we’ll make it a bit longer so they feel more pressure to succeed. They tended to move at a very leisurely pace which can be boring to some.

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