Updates, Moves, and D&D Therapy!

Good Afternoon!

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I apologize. But, first things firsts. I have some good news!

  1. For those who haven’t heard, I’ve moved my general geekiness and travel blogging to  a new blog, Geekified Wanderings, which can be found HERE!  So if you want to follow my Disney, Orlando, Universal, Costuming, Convention goodness, that’s the place to go 🙂
  2. It’s SUMMER! And it’s a busy one at that! With that said, I have several updated entries I want to complete before this nice warm weather runs away from me. OH! And keep a special lookout for some exciting conference updates near the end of this month! EXCITING THINGS ARE HAPPENING!


Dungeons & Dragons as Therapy

Today’s blog entry is all about gaming (like that’s a surprise.) Recently Geek & Sundry, an amazing geeky web-based site dedicated to all things nerdy and geeky, posted an article titled “Dungeons & Dragons as Therapy.” It’s about the use of RPG’s such and D&D as a form of therapy and social conditioning for teens. It’s an excellent and VERY informative read! It’s short, but as some very good points about anxiety and character building.

Dungeons & Dragons as Therapy

For the record: If you’ve never checked out their site and you’re a geek, I strongly recommend you do so now!


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