3rd Grade Superheroes! (And Villains)

For my 3rd graders final project this past year, I and the other teachers decided on a Superhero theme! They would create a superhero (or super villain) complete with powers, an origin story,  a base or lair, an arch nemesis, and a favorite hero story. They also designed and decorated their own costume and mask!

This all cumulated in a self written comic book using the app Comic Life, where they would tell their origin story or most memorable moment in comic book style. In truth, only about 5 students completed the entire thing, while most simply ran out of time. (For this reason, I sadly have no Comics to show you as examples, but if you’ve ever used Comic Life or read a comic book, you get the idea!)

To introduce the project I read two stories to the classes. Dylan the Villain, and The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man.

In retrospect, I should have also introduced them to an actual graphic novel or comic book as many had never seen one before! This led to some pretty awkward Comic Life attempts that weren’t readable so much as a visual representation of selfies and pictures from the internet.


Sadly I don’t have a ton to show, but here are some costumes displayed on my window! You can also download my worksheet HERE

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Superhero names ranged from Darth Tyler and Cheetah Girl, to Neon and (everyone’s favorite,) Super Granny!  I was also surprised that only 3 boys decided to be a super villain! The best part, 2 of them incorporated their villain with a classmates hero. 🙂

Things I will do differently next year:

  1. Start the project near the BEGINNING of school so we don’t run out of time. Plus it’ll be a great introduction to me and each other.
  2. Read several actual comic books to them as examples, as many had never seen one before!
  3. Have the students create hard copies of the comic FIRST before inputing into Comic Life. That should simplify the whole creative process.

For more Superhero Excitement in our learning commons, check out my next blog titled Superheroes in the Library!


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