Presenting in Orlando at the Star Wars Celebration


Clearly this is exciting news to me, as I think it should be! It isn’t every day you get approved to speak at a convention as big as SWC (Star Wars Celebration.) Now for anyone who knows anything about the convention or educational conference circuit, you may notice that SWC isn’t an educational conference. It’s a fan convention specifically geared towards the Star Wars fandom. Think….San Diego Comic Con but more focused. Now that’s not to say they have tiny attendance, quite the opposite! The last time SWC was in the US, back in 2015 (Check out this post for more on my experience at that convention!) it was held in Anaheim, with an estimated overall attendance of around 150,000 people over the 4 days.

So not only am I speaking about education at a huge fan-based convention, but we’re the only school being represented (as far as I can tell!) So, you know, no pressure! 0_0

Now you may ask, how did this awesome turn of events come to be? Well last year my team and I did a Star Wars Reads Day event. Remember that?  So, knowing I was planning to attend SWC anyway, I figured, why not see if they’ll let me talk about the awesome things we did in our school?!

Changing Education with Star Wars and Technology

Star Wars is for all ages! From reading, writing, robotics, interactive media, and 3D printing, come discover how a K-12 school in TN was able to implement Star Wars Reads Day into their curriculum for every grade, every subject and even every faculty member! Fostering creativity, individuality, exploration, invention, and communication, come see how Star Wars transformed an ordinary day into something magically educational!

In all seriousness, I didn’t expect it to go through. I expected it to get lost in the shuffle of thousands of fan panel submissions and to never see the light of day. When the deadline for hearing back came and went without a peep about approval, I chalked up my effort as futile and planned my trip as usual.

Then this last week I got an email detailing the schedule of panels for the “Star Wars University” track of programming. Low and behold, there is my proposed panel. Shock would not be a strong enough word to describe my feelings at that exact moment. I was floored! SWC was only 2.5 weeks away and I HAD A PANEL?! I swiftly contacted all my fellow team members in a mad dash to gather materials and to see if anyone else could make it. Luckily I have one team member, who now teaches in the upper school, who will able to present with me.

Now I have less than 2 weeks to get this presentation together and make it AMAZING! I know I can do it, and I’m SUPER excited about. So, if any other educators are at Star Wars Celebration in a weeks down in Orlando, and you don’t mind live streaming “The Last Jedi” panel while we talk to you at OUR panel, PLEASE COME!

After all, I AM PRESENTING A PANEL AT STAR WARS CELEBRATION! How many educators get to say that?!




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